VMworld 2019 – Recap Day 3: Bear Grylls, HCI Keynote, Meet The Experts, VMworld Fest

Wednesday 06/11/2019

As usual I started the day with the General Session on VMworld featuring some product demos supporting VMware’s Vision & Strategy.
Bear Grylls also joined the stage as guest speaker outlining his take on life, providing some change from the technology content.

Next up I joined the Keynote Session on HCI ‘The Foundation of your Future-Proof Infrastructure’ where Cormag Hogan shared some nice live demos! Kubernetes, vVols, DR as a Service and much more!

In this session I was one of the lucky ones to win an Amazon FireTV Stick 4K. Can’t wait to test this out!!


The real techie stuff started in the afternoon when we joined a vRA Design Studio Session. In these sessions VMware shares their design ideas and you can provide your input as a customer / partner.

In my opinion this is really valuable for all parties involved and helps us & VMware to better understand the current market demand, success stories and points of improvement.

Afterwards we joined a ‘Meet The Expert Roundtable’ session regarding vRA 8 & Infrastructure as Code with Chris McClanahan. This 1 on 1 session was really valuable to get an insight into the product from the BU’s point of view, ask deep technical questions and share experiences! Cloud Assembly, Service Broker, Code Stream, vRO 8, it all comes together now.

My advise when you’re visiting VMworld and you want to make your mark? Join the Design Studio sessions & Meet The Expert Bars / Round Tables! Don’t be afraid to ask them anything and share your product related experiences!

I gained a lot of knowledge & insights today into vRA 8 and all its components by joining the Design Studio sessions and Meeting with an Expert.

For me the day ended with VMware Fest where we met some nice people, played ping pong and of course enjoyed the music.



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