Evolving vRealize Automation 8 and VMware Cloud – Detailed Information (Part 1)

VMworld Barcelona 2019 – Evolving vRealize Automation [HBO1323BE]

Brief Description:

VMware vRealize Automation has been the gold standard in private cloud automation for quite some time. However, like all things, it’s time to grow. Join this deep dive to learn how vRealize Automation is evolving into vRealize Automation Cloud and vRealize Automation .Next. Expect live demos and walk-throughs of how we’ve shaken off the dust and moved out the guardrails, and how we can get you started consuming cloud automation.


Chris McClanahan, Staff Technical Marketing Architect, VMware and Liad Ofek, Director , Product Managerment , VMware


All notes in this post has been noted down during VMworld Session, so detailed information based on personal notes and feedback from speakers.

While VMware Cloud has really short updates lifecycles and include a lot of new features (beta and official), vRealize Automation 8 will have a it longer releases. Officially speacking releases will happen every 6 months.

Special Note: New vRealize Automation 8 update 8.0.1 will be release in the next weeks, planned for december/2019 in order to quick bug fixes some of identified issues.


As we all know, vRA8 has suffered a drastic change into his architecture! Thanks to VMware Design Team they have improved this to a simple and newer architecture. All based on Kubernetes, Containers. Simple deployments can be easily extended to Enterprise Deployment now.

Simple Deployment
Enterprise Deployment


The new deployment method has left a lot of us really excited! No more Windows Servers required and deployment extremely easier has been identified as major improvement.

Do you want to know more about vRA 8 deployment, here my last blog containing videos and detailed deployment >> https://vra4u.com/2019/10/18/how-to-deploy-vra-8-0-simple-deployment/

Being said about deployment, we move to Infrastructure as a code integrations. Most popular names here would be Git (Online or on-prem) and VMware Code (For those who wants more high level viea, basically it’s about CI, Pipelines, Yaml files and version control).


vRA 8.0 and VMware Cloud comes with a lot of great stuff. Integrations like Service Now (SNOW), IPAM (Infoblox), Configuration management (Puppet and Ansible) are all Out Of Box and not requiring vRO anymore.

Hybried Cloud

At this moment AWS, Google and Azure. The pipeline also includes others cloud as such Oracle Cloud and Ali Cloud.

It’s very simple setup and integration, where we do in 3 steps:

1 – Connecting to your SDDC

2 – Conect Content

3 – Specify Policies (Policies or Tags. More about it later)

Organization and Projects

For those who was used to work with Tenants, Business Groups, Fabric Groups; Now there is a bit shifting this to new names and new roles.

Organization = a bit Similar to a Tenant, but not multi tenant!

Project = Similar to Business Groups and a little bit as resources groups

Cloud Zones = End Points (Public Cloud or vSphere)

Continue on part 2.

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