How to Deploy vRA 8.0 (Simple Deployment)

I am sure you are curious like me to see how the new method of deployment for vRA 8.0 is being done.

vRA 8.0 has just being GA a day ago, but still a lot of people trying to get hands in the download files and of course start to play with it.

Where you can download it:

In order to keep short and interesting, I have quickly deployed the new Appliance and not following ANY RULES, basically I did “Next Next Finish + Adjusted DNS on the fly”.

### This is really for curiosity and DEMO Purposes!! No best practices at all 🙂 ###

Quick changes within vRA 8.0 you may check at VMware Docs/VMware Blogs:

Within the new architecture (Not required any Windows Servers / SQL Database anymore as previous versions)!

It’s so simple to deploy and even a 10 year kid can make a deployment of it + request the first vm (blueprint).

How to deploy vRA 8.0 – Less than 30 minutes all running!!!

How to request your 1st blueprint on vRA 8.0

I Hope you enjoy the new deployment method, because that’s AMAZING How fast it is!!!!

See you on next post!!


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