vRA 7.6 – Initial Configuration (100% Manually)

Are you Lazy?

If yes, I don’t blame you!!! Check my last blog to Partially Automate the initial setup.

Click here >> vRA 7.6 – Initial Configuration (Partially Automated)

Although, if you want to see under the roots and how it works the initial configuration, hereby 100% manual step-by-step.

Use Case

After deployment of vRealize Automation 7.6 it comes with no configuration nor content available. In order to allow you to deploy your 1st Blueprint I will guide you step-by-step in this process about preparing your Tenant, Endpoint, Resources, Business Groups and Reservations to allow your deployment.


Having a vRealize Automation 7.6 (Mininal or Distributed environment) deployed. If you want to see more about it, check my previous post:

Click here >> https://vra4u.com/2019/05/30/how-to-deploy-vra-76/

Initial Configuration (MANUAL STEPS)

In a nutshell this will show how to Setup & Configure a New Tenant, New Endpoint, New Fabric Group, Compute Resources, Business groups and Reservations.

later on this will support you for a 1st Blueprint deployment.

Creating a new Tenant

In order to create a new tenant, access the default tenant https://vra-fqdn/vcac using the administrator@vsphere.local account

Grant Tenant Administrative Access

As you have seen above, we have added Tenant Admin and Infrastructure Admin for our newly created user. In order to facilitate our deployments + configurations, we will allocate this user with FULL PERMISSION to our Tenant & future Blueprints.

Logon to


  1. use the sign “%” to see all the accounts into directory
  2. Execute logoff & logon to apply all new permissions3

Setup Endpoint

Endpoint basically is what kind of service you would like to consume services or host virtual machines. During our setup, we will use vCenter as endpoint.

Example of hosting: vCenter / Azure / Amazon AWS / KVM…

Example of Services: NSX-V / NSX-T / Orchestrator / vROPS…


Endpoint name MUST match with Proxy Agent Name deployed during wizard. >> “vCenter

Setup Fabric Groups

Fabric Groups you may define as Infrastructure compute resources within each end point added above.

Setup Business Group

In order to be able to deploy your 1st Blueprint, it’s required couple of basic elements to be in place, as such:

  • Who is deploying it > “user account
  • Which Business group the user belongs to
  • Defining from where the computer resource will be consumed > Reservation

Business Group


Next Steps

All the “infrastructure configuration” is in place as of now. Next step deploy your 1st Blueprint >> .

See you there.

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