Interview with Valentina Alaria (Sr. Director for TAP) at VMware Explore 2022

I had the pleasure during #VMwareExplore to interview Valentina Alaria, but not only that!

She was super nice and we had so much laugh before, during and after the interview! Excellent professional and even better person!! When you got to know the interview was going to be live, my legs started shaking and she made me few comfortable and confident for whats was going to happen.

Thank you Valentina and I hope to see you again in the future, it was a pleasure meeting you!

Who doesn’t know Valentina, hereby her short Bio.

Role: Sr Director Product Management VMware

Valentina Alaria works closely with users throughout their journey of learning, designing and deploying Kubernetes-based solutions. Valentina has been an active member of various open source communities for 15+ years and is currently working with Kubernetes and CNCF. A product innovation strategist and technology evangelist, Valentina has held roles across Engineering, Product Management and Marketing building up a strong expertise in the entire stack

Cloud Native App Development


Sessions on VMware Explore 2022

CNAT2177EURIntroduction to VMware Tanzu Application PlatformBen Wilcock, Myles Gray, Timo Salm
CNAB4033EURTo Platform or not to Platform – That is the QuestionValentina Alaria, Scott Rosenberg
CNAB2376EURRise of Backstage: Developer Portals at the Center of the Dev ExperienceSuzanne Daniels, Valentina Alaria
CNAB2214EURHow VMware Tanzu Helps You Secure Your ApplicationsAdib Saikali
CNAB1953EURBuilding and Running Enterprise-Grade Spring Applications in the CloudAdib Saikali
CNAB2991EURPlatform as a SuperpowerBryan Ross, Mark Möllenbeck
CNAB2866EUREnabling Developer Agility with Tanzu at Statistics Netherlands (CBS)Robert Kloosterhuis, Mark Möllenbeck
CNAB2802EURExploring VMware Tanzu and SustainabilityVern Bolinius
CNAB2113EURHow To Be Successful at App and Data Modernization and Cloud AdoptionDavid Caron, Ruurd Keizer

Do you want to see it more? Check out our interview below!

Thanks for watching and see you at next blog.

Jose Cavalheri

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