How to get started with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKGS/TKGm) – Part 1

As most of you have realized, this year has been a bit difficult for us to keep blogging and return to our normal lives after Covid situation.

More and more customers wants some face-to-face meetings and some traffic jam here and there during the commute.

Together with my colleague, @vdgmichael , we have been always bringing to you the fun we have at work, being new use cases, challenges in vRealize Automation, vRealize Orchestrator and Tanzu portfolio (Tanzu, K8S, AVI, NSX-T, etc).

We liked very much the series of lightboard we have created for Tanzu, in how can you start with Tanzu (TKGS/TKGm) for a POC in your enterprise or your LAB. 🙂

In this lightboard we are tackling how to run Tanzu Kubernetes Grid? This lightboard shows you how to get started with a simple Proof Of Concept (POC) running VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid in your environment. Michaël and José discuss the differences between TKGS and TKGm and highlight some pre-requisites to get started.

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Hope you Enjoy and see you next lightboard in How to get started with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid (TKGS/TKGm) – Part 2

Regards @JoseCavalheri

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