VMware Cloud Management Ideas Portal

Sometimes we get to know or discover specific sites hidden here and there on web, intranet, blogs and so on. Few weeks back I discovered this one.


Although, as I am not sure if it’s opened for non VMware employees or partners, I found very interesting a place that you can submit new ideas for all Cloud Management Platforms products, as instance vRealize Automation, vRealize Orchestrator, vRealize Operations Manager and much more.

Those ideas are definitely not a roadmap nor a commitment from Engineering teams, but in order to avoid any disclosure here, I am removing tags / names / subjects from the submitted ideas.

In case you cannot access the site with you mylearn.vmware.com account or your partner account, please search for your VMware contact person to grant you access.

In case you would like to submit an idea but no access to it, feel free to add to comments and I will do my best to push forward too ( please add your mail, or something that I can point engineer team to you, to get further details if needed).

I think was nice to share this finding with community, since not much people know about how to submit new ideas to your product of liking it.


This doesn’t replace the feature request submitted by VMware Support (GSS). In case you have an issue within your deployment or missing features that block your progress, that’s the way to go! Here it’s more about Community features/ideas brainstorm portal.

Don’t forget to add as favorites and check it out the current shared ideas & share yours too 🙂 https://vmware-symphony-services.ideas.aha.io/

That’s all for this year of 2021 and See you next year with more vRealize Automation, vRealize Orchestrator, Tanzu and much more from VMware products in my portifolio.

I wish you a merry xmas and a healthy new year for 2022!

Regards Jose Cavalheri

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