LCMVSPHERECONFIG1000087 – vRSLCM Cannot Deploy vRealize Operations Manager (vROPS 8.6.0)

I just had updated all my vRealize Automation platform to the newest and greatest vRealize Automation 8.61 and deciced to do couple of more tests within vRealize Operations Manager integration and insights tabs, such as virtual machines performance charts, charge back, costs, etc.

Anyway, what we “IT’s people” definitely doesn’t like is a brand new product/release with a known bug.

After couple of tries and to Create New Evironment or Organic Grown the current environment, the message was always the same for vROPS 8.5.0 or 8.6.0 deployments.

 Error Code: LCMVSPHERECONFIG1000087
 Exception occurred while deploying ovf. Invalid argument provided.
 Invalid argument provided for ovf deployment.

The KB86088 explains the reason or you may check the entire release notes too : vRealize Operations versions 8.5/8.6 includes 2 binaries (for vROps and Cloud Proxy). The source mapping logic in vRSLCM had a logical flaw in performing the mapping of the binaries causing the error.

This is due to vRealize Operations Manager (On-Prem & Cloud ) has the same mapping to different isos. I also tried deleting the Cloud version, but no succcess.

So, Solution is:

  1.   Download the vROPS binaries from My VMware, and place it in a shared location like NFS or in vRSLCM VA.
  2.   Navigate to vRSLCM ‘Settings Page -> Binary Mapping’
  3.   Select to add binary by selecting ‘Location Type’ as either ‘Local’ or ‘NFS’
  4.   Trigger the vROPS installation

In my case, I find easier to just use WinScp and copy the file to /TMP/ folder within vRLSM Server.

Next Step: Adding Product Binary to Repository

Time to RETRY Organic Growth or your new environment creation.


Now you have your brand new vROPS 8.6.0 Deployed and ready to continue integration with vRealize Automation 8.6.1.

Hope you enjoyed and see you next blog.

Regards Jose Cavalheri

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