vRealize Automation 8.x within VCF (VMware Cloud Foundation)

Some months back a company I am proud to work for asked 2 other colleagues to create a small series of lightboard session about VMware Cloud Foundation and all the product portfolio around it. Of course I had to speack about our lovely vRealize Automation 8.x and how this brings value to our end customers.

More details about this campaign can be found below within this blog, so you can enjoy the full series of lightboard and how to get this cracking into your environment.

At this moment, our Blog is focusing within vRealize Automation, PKS, Tanzu and few other tips and tricks around Automation and Orchestration. Based on that, I would like to highlight this work to our VMware #vCommunity and #vExperts, because sharing is caring :-).

Would you like to learn more How VMware Cloud Foundation (VCF) and how the portfolio complete each other. Look here for the full series.

Thanks Tom, Thomas and Arnaud for the great opportunity of doing 2 of those awesome videos for the campaign and publishing it to our #vExpert Community @vRA4U.

Official Launch Website: https://itq.eu/road-to-planet-v-with-vmware/

Video Intro – Boosting the Value of your VMware Cloud Foundation

Video 1 Simplified Management and Deployment of VCF

Video 2 – Software-Defined Network Secures your VCF

Video 3 – Automation brings VCF to Hybried Cloud (This Blog Post)

Video 4 – Operations Dashboards improve your efficiency

Hope you have enjoyed the VCF Series in combination with NSX-T, vRA, vROPS, LCM and Log Insight.

Thanks for watching and See you at next blog post!

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