vRA 8.x – Unable to sync the status of this resource (Custom Resources)


The other day I was working for a customer and encountered an issue with one of our deployed Custom Resources. Basically we have created a Custom Resource to support the planned scheduling of increasing Citrix Terminal Servers. This Custom Resource in vRA is linked to a vRO Dynamic Type.


Our Custom Resource ‘Citrix Schedule’ was already present in vRA 8.1 but since we upgraded to vRA 8.4.1 we noticed that our deployed Citrix Schedules in vRA had a yellow warning sign around them with the following error message:

Unable to sync the status of this resource

This also resulted in the inability to perform 2nd Day Operations on this Citrix Schedule Object (e.g.: Change Citrix Schedule). I unfortunately did not take a screenshot.


For the same customer I recently deployed a fresh installation of vRA 8.4.1 and there our Custom Resource ‘Citrix Schedule’ was behaving correctly. Both Custom Resources were based on the same Dynamic Type and use the same vRO Workflow to create them.

The vRO Workflow never changed, however looking at the properties of our Custom Resource ‘Citrix Schedule’ I noticed that the fresh vRA 8.4.1 install had an extra property: the output property. The upgraded vRA 8.4.1 environment did not have this property although based on the same vRO Workflow since vRA 8.1, hence this might be causing the issue. I believe VMware improved the Custom Resources functionality from vRA 8.1 throughout vRA 8.4.1 and for some reason the Custom Resource did not update its properties to reflect this.

To illustrate this:


Since it does not seem to be possible to refresh a Custom Resource’s Properties or update the ‘Create’ workflow, I decided to delete the Custom Resource ‘Citrix Schedule’ and recreate it.

However in order to do that you must first delete all your deployed Custom Resource Objects in vRA, otherwise you cannot delete it. In my case this was not an issue since the Citrix Schedules were from the past.

So I went ahead and deleted the deployed Custom Resource Objects and deleted the Custom Resource itself.

After recreation vRA was happy again and could sync the status. The missing property was also shown and 2nd Day Operations on deployed Citrix Schedules were possible again.

Hopefully it helps!

Want to know more about Custom Resources? Check out VMware’s Blog Post here.

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