vRA 8.x – Quick Tip – How to access embedded PostgreSQL DB


Here is another one in our Quick Tip series: accessing the Embedded PostgreSQL Database in vRealize Automation 8.x.

  1. SSH to your vRA appliance as root
  2. Once logged in, run the following command
    vracli dev psql <db-name>
    vracli dev psql catalog-db
    vracli dev psql vco-db
    This will automatically log you in as the postgres user I the pod hosting the specified postgres db.
vracli dev psql <db-name>
  1. *NOTE* The Execution of the ‘vracli dev psql’ command is recorded on the system.
  2. Typeyes‘ if you would like to continue.
  3. Show all tables in this database with: \dt
  4. Run a query e.g. (do not forget ‘;’) : select * from cat_catalogitem;
  5. You can turn on expanded display to show output a bit better: \x
  6. To exit type \q

An example can be found below:

Please use at your own risk! Modifying the embedded PostgreSQL DB content is not supported by VMware.
Accessing it can help you in troubleshooting issues.

Have a nice day!

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