vRO 8 – Action execution with id: -id- was not found


Recently I was playing around with vRA 8.1 Multi-Tenancy and came across the following error message when running an Action on my Embedded vRO Instance from a given vRA Tenant:


I created multiple tenants and integrated them with my Embedded vRO environment. When accessing vRO from the Master / Default Tenant, everything works fine. Workflows run, Actions run, …
When I accessed my vRO Environment from another tenant and I ran the same vRO Action, I was greeted with the error message above.

The vRO Action did seem to run fine, the logs were ok and when using it in vRO Workflows the values were correctly set in the vRO Action’s output etc.

However directly running the vRO Action from that tenant failed:

My Setup:

  1. Embedded vRO for all tenants
  2. A Master Tenant – cloud.vra.lab.local
  3. A DEV Tenant – dev.vra.lab.local
  4. A PROD Tenant – prod.vra.lab.local

Root Cause?

I’ve added my Embedded vRO to all tenants using the general vRA Master Tenant URL:

So my DEV & PROD tenants were both integrated with the Embedded vRO using the Master Tenant URL.


Pretty simple, just change Embedded vRO URL in the vRO Integration on each tenant to the vRA Tenant’s FQDN:

And everything was fine afterwards:

My Lessons Learned: Don’t be too quick in adding your Embedded vRO in the different tenants. 😀

Hope it helped!

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