vRealize Automation Cloud – Cloud Assembly – Setup a new Cloud Proxy

Once you have seen my previous blog <here> and all the pre-requisites are in place; it’s time to getting started with vRealize Automation Cloud.

Logon Page

Once you get able to access the Cloud Services, you will get access two services, which I will refer to you as easy explanation as:

VMware Cloud Assembly: You may think about where you create all configurations and integrations. It’s more an administrator view.

VMware Service Broker: You may think about where you request blueprint services or approvals. It’s more an user view.

Cloud Proxy Configuration

Click on VMware Cloud Assembly icon and you will get redirected to Deployments page, empty one for now.

At your left side, go below and click on Cloud Proxies.

Cloud Proxy will work as a proxy between vRealize Automation Cloud and your On-Premise vSphere environment. No needed any special network configuration (at least from my end) , just having internet and 443 port should be enough.

The following screen will appear to you for downloading the OVA for the cloud proxy appliance.

TIP: Just copy Item 3 to a notepad, you will need it during deployment of OVA.

Downloading OVA file

Importing OVA into vSphere Environment

Just to keep it easy for our series of Cloud Services, I will be using some folders here and there at vCenter level ( not required for you)

Copy the item 3 ( From the page or notepad, in case have you closed the prior screen)

Paste it on item 4 (Copy the OTK)

Continue the deployment, where you can fullfill your own IP/Mask/Gateway/DNS and NTP settings.

Checking Cloud Proxy on Cloud Assembly

You will be able to see it your new Cloud Proxy name deployed on the list

Give it a bit time ( something about 3-5 minutes ) will show all services installed and running

This brings us with a good connection to On-Premise environment. Next will be configure and utilize it for hosting platform

What is next

vRealize Automation Cloud – Cloud Assembly – Setup a new Cloud Account

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