Upgrade to vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.1


Upgrading vRSLCM is very simple & intuitive. Let’s get started!

  1. Log on to your vRSLCM Appliance and go to ‘Settings‘ – ‘System Upgrade‘:
    vRSLCM - 1
  2. Once in System Upgrade, click the ‘Check for Upgrade‘ button. You will be informed that an Upgrade is available as shown below :
    vRSLCM - 2
  3. Make sure to create a snapshot first of the vRSLCM appliance, this can be achieved by clicking the ‘Create Snapshot‘ button:
    vRSLCM - 3
  4. Provide the vCenter details:
    vRSLCM - 4
  5. As with any request, you can monitor it. Upon completion a Snapshot should be present:
    vRSLCM - 5vRSLCM - 6
  6. Let’s proceed with the System Upgrade! First vRSLCM will download the necessary files:
    vRSLCM - 7
  7. Afterwards the installation will happen:
    vRSLCM - 8
  8. When vRSLCM reboots to complete the installation you will be greeted with the following screen:
    vRSLCM - 9
  9. After the vRSLCM is upgraded, you can check your version under ‘Settings‘ – ‘System Details‘ for example:
    vRSLCM - 11

Congrats! vRSLCM is now upgraded to 8.1! Easy right? To me it seemed it only took a couple of minutes.

Now let’s make sure our other products are also upgraded so we can upgrade to vRA 8.1

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