How to upgrade VIDM to 3.3.2 using vRSLCM


If you are following the series: we have just upgraded our vRSLCM Appliance to 8.1 and are now ready to upgrade our VIDM to 3.3.2. Upgrading VIDM to version 3.3.2 using vRSLCM only took 16 min.!

Make sure vRSLCM Appliance is already on version 8.1!


I encountered the issues below during my upgrade of VIDM. Hence I describe below how I resolved it, hope it helps 🙂

  • vRSLCM uses SSH to access and upgrade your VIDM appliance. For this the ‘sshuser‘ & ‘root‘ account need to be active (no expired passwords):
    • Check your credentials to the VIDM Appliance via SSH using the ‘sshuser‘ account
    • When you’re logged in as the ‘sshuser’ account, make sure to change to the ‘root‘ user by performing ‘su root‘ and providing the password.
    • Great! Your passwords still work! If your root account is expired / locked follow the steps listed here (they also work for VIDM 3.3.1).
  • Enable SSH access for the VIDM root account by following the details outlined here. As highlighted before, the VIDM upgrade using vRSLCM will fail if no root SSH access is available with the following error (credentials were ok):
    Screenshot 2020-04-15 at 12.10.04

Upgrading VIDM to 3.3.2

My current VIDM environment is on version 3.3.1. Upgrading to 3.3.2 is very simple using vRSLCM.

  1. Log on to your vRSLCM Appliance and go your VIDM environment by selecting ‘Manage Environment‘ – ‘<your_environment>‘ – ‘View Details‘. You will see that vRSLCM found an upgrade for your VIDM environment and recommends upgrading it:
    VIDM - 1
  2. Click the ‘Upgrade‘ button and make sure to trigger an Inventory Sync & create a Snapshot of your VIDM Appliance before proceeding:
    VIDM - 2
  3. Once complete, proceed with the Upgrade process by clicking ‘Proceed‘ :
    VIDM - 3
  4. Select your Repository from which vRSLCM should retrieve the VIDM 3.3.2 upgrade files. I choose the VMware Repository.:
    VIDM - 4
  5. Make sure the Manuel Pre-Checks are in place and let vRSLCM do the Automated Pre-Checks:
    VIDM - 6
    VIDM - 7
  6. Continue with the Upgrade Process. As with any vRSLCM request, you can monitor it:
    VIDM - 8
  7. In my environment the VIDM Upgrade Process took around 16 minutes:
    VIDM - 9
  8. VMware Identity Manager is now successfully upgraded to version 3.3.2 using vRSLCM:
    VIDM - 10

Now we are ready to upgrade to vRA 8.1!

9 thoughts on “How to upgrade VIDM to 3.3.2 using vRSLCM

  1. could you please show vidm configuration, I installed 8.1 directly using easy installer everything got deployed successfully but when i check vidm it as an error saying deployment failed but i could login to vidm , ping the connector and everything.

    when i try to add the ad i always get error “Connector communication failed because of invalid data: Problem connecting to directory: Host {0}, Reason – {1}” , after changing few things i was able to add the directory however next again i stared getting connector error.

    any idea how to fix this error, i read each n every blog but not able to fix it


    1. Hi Sarda!

      Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately I’m not familiar with the Error you are experiencing.

      Are you looking for the Directory Settings in VIDM?
      Below you can find my VIDM configuration of the Domain that I’ve added in my Lab Environment:
      VIDM screenshot
      VIDM Screenshot 2
      VIDM Screenshot 3

      Hope this helps. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to let me know!

      My apologies again for the late reply.


    1. Hey Ereen, I created an external connector and used it, that was my lab so I did it, in prod I wont suggest you to do it. Never faced that issue in any other time or in any of the recent versions. Are you using easy installer to deploy it?


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