vRealize Automation 8.1 – DevOps Capabilities

Have you seen the previous blog posts, where we show the vRealize Automation 8.1 and VMware Strategy (HERE) ??

This Blog is a continuation of our vRealize Automation 8.1 – General Enhancements series. Part 1 available here!

vSphere with Kubernetes (aka Project Pacific)

vSphere with Kubernetes will revolutionize how Kubernetes will be delivered to developers by making it a first-class citizen within vSphere. In vRealize Automation an administrator can create a supervisor namespace on a supervisor cluster and assign the namespace to a project. Users in that project can get the kubectl and deploy application containers and VMs.

This namespace will be available in the K8s resource page in infrastructure.

PowerShell Support for ABX Actions

Action Based Extensibility (ABX) is a serverless function capability integrated into vRealize Automations Cloud Assembly Service. Previously ABX only supported Python and NodeJS scripting languages. With the release of vRealize Automation 8.1 the on-premises ABX appliance will now support running PowerShell (PS) natively as a serverless function. This will allow you to use all the power of PowerShell without the need to create PS Hosts and complex infrastructure to support PS scripting.

PowerShell + ABX
ABX PowerShell

Code Stream Pipeline as Catalog Item

Service Broker provides an easy to use self-service catalog for requesting blueprint from Cloud Assembly, vRealize Orchestrator Workflows, ABX Actions, and Market Place OVAs and Templates. Now you can also present Code Stream pipelines as catalog items. This provides an easy to use request process for users to launch pipelines directly from the Service Broker catalog giving the ability to use the great features of custom forms to front end CI/CD and infrastructure pipelines.

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What is Next: What’s New in vRealize Orchestrator 8.1

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