What’s New in vRealize Automation 8.1

As announced on march 10th by VMware a new strategy and expansion of portifolio has taken place. It’s always important for us to keep fresh within new releases and mainly on company view and how they foreseen the acceleration within their products to market.

Having said that, I won’t tell about vSphere 7, Tanzu or any other product, except our beloved vRealize Automation 8.1

How it’s seen within the vRealize Suite Portifolio.

vRealize Automation 8.1 Supports vSphere 7.0 with Kubernetes

Along with such beautiful information, a Modern infrastructure automation platform can also be expanded with VCF (vCloud Foundation), the brand new vSphere 7 and DevOps & Kubernetes

In order to facilitate your reading, we will guide you though the following themas of vRealize Automation 8.1

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