Evolving vRealize Automation 8 and VMware Cloud – Detailed Information (Part 2)

Part 1 here

Image Mappings

All Public Clouds or Private Clouds has it’s own template image to be used. Using Image Mappings you will be able to map a OS into respective Image version. As example:

OS: “Windows” | AWS it will be mapped to “Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Base with Containers” | vSphere “MyWindowsServer2019Template…” and so on and so forth.

Multi Cloud Network and Security

Multi Cloud Storage

One thing I really liked is you can make generic blueprints and based in Policies or Tags, it can get the right Storage Profile whatever is the endpoint.

Cloud Storage can also be allocated specifically to cloud, for instance EC2 = AWS or Blob=Azure.

Rule Based Onboarding

We can thing this as “Machine Import”, where you discover the types of machines you have in your environment, create a type of blueprint that matches it and import existent machine into vRA/VMCloud project.

This is perfect to maintain and manage existent workloads (2nd day operations, deprovision and way more);

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