Google Chrome updates breaks vRA deployments (Fixing it)

Have you just deployed your vRA infrastructure or do you have your production environment working like a charm and suddenly ……

ALL vRA 7.5 and 7.6 submit button has disappeared!

This also has been mentioned and visualized for more than 2000 people and nobody had a clear answer how to solve!

OK!! You are reading the right blog! 🙂

Let’s deep dive into solution, which is quite straight forward.


VMware has lunched last week the Cumulative Patch for vRA 7.6 that solve this issue with Chrome update. Details in

Applying vRA 7.6 Patches Step-by-Step

  1. Read the pre-requisites and make sure you apply to all of those!

2. Snapshots all your vRA / IaaS / Database servers

3. Logon to https//vra_ip:5480 console

4. Go to vRA > Patches > New Patch

5. Upload patch (Download here)

6. Install patch

7. Go back to your vRA Catalog Items and see the beauty of it (May require cleanup of cache)

I hope you enjoyed and less headaches with Chrome next time 🙂

See you next blog!

2 thoughts on “Google Chrome updates breaks vRA deployments (Fixing it)

  1. I don’t know why VMware are not patching this for vRA 7.5?!

    To make matters worse they have pulled vRA 7.6 HF1 so can’t even fix with an upgrade!

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    1. Hello Luke,

      I also have asked in our internal channel from VMware about availability to vRA 7.5, but so far no news!!! This issue is really annoying as you can imagine. I have upgraded the environment vRA7.5 to 7.6 and issues still remains, only fixed after patch applied HF1 as described in this post!
      TIP: Please test in a development environment first before upgrade! I had several issues with all the Custom forms and XaaS forms (all texts were moved to left side, making all the screens very ugly to be seen!)

      I hope VMware manages to launch the patch to vRA 7.5, but I think this is a way to force upgrade to 7.6 in order to prepare for the next release (vRA 8);


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