vRO 7.4 – No System Logs in Workflows


Today I was working on a lab environment and encountered the following issue:

  • Workflows did not show any System Log output. Events were working fine.

The environment consisted of a vRA 7.4 appliance with an embedded Orchestrator.

To test it out I created a workflow which did some crazy logging:

  • No logs were showing, not with scriptable tasks neither with the built in System Log components.
  • Events were still working fine.

Below some screenshots:




Restarting the Orchestrator Client

My first attempt was to restart the Orchestrator Client, closing & opening it from scratch. However this did not resolve the issue. #TooEasy

Checking the logs!

I decided to SSH into the vRA appliance and check the logs by executing the following command:

tail -f /var/log/vmware/vco/app-server/catalina.out

The logs were a bit more conclusive:


There appeared to be an issue with obtaining a lock / the locking mechanism for the lucene environment.

Reading into it on the internet, I tried the following solution:


  • Stop vco-server by executing the following command:
service vco-server stop
  • Remove all occurences of scripting.log_lucene:
rm -rf /var/log/vco/app-server+scripting.log_lucene*
  • start vco-server
service vco-server start
  • Test the workflows!


Now everything seemed to be working fine! And /var/log/vmware/vco/app-server/catalina.out showed a beautiful sight!





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