How Implement T-Shirt Sizes within vRA (out-of-box)?

When you work with automation in your daily basis and used to do a lot of customization via workflows (vRO) , we kind of lose track of default functionalities offering within vRealize Automation (vRA) .

As more and more customers, share the same business requirements, being a deployment of a VM or software component (application) ; IPAM, AD/DNS CMDB, etc, always direct us to custom deployment to make it “easy” the whole customization deployment.

How use T-Shirt Size in 4 Simple steps


Administration tab > Property Dictionary > Component Profiles

Select “Size” & Edit


Create your T-Shirt sizes items according to your requirements (Small/Medium/Large…) & all configuration within respective compute capacity.


Once completed, It’s time to apply to your selected Blueprint.

Tab Profiles > Add Sizes


Don’t forget to select default size to it

All Completed and ready to use 🙂

Enjoy this little POST and I am always glad to have you here…

Next Post : T-Shirt Sizes within vRO. (#vRO)

#See ya!

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