vRO using 4K Display Video

Hello All,

Nothing better to have a new 4K display in your laptop or your workstation right???

Yeah!!! When I got mine I was so excited to have my first 4K display for my stuff, of course you might be thinking why 4K, waste of money and so on, but I will tell you the truth… It’s worth every penny!!!

I can fit so many windows side-by-side and the resolution is amazing for “almost everything“, until the moment I had to do my vRO workflows.

OMG!!! I cannot see those tine tiny codes or even find the workflows I need to develop/consult.

All right!! If you don’t believe it, hereby what I am talking about ( no photoshop or fulling around you my dear reader! ) Naked and for your comparison a NON-4K (modified coding) vs 4K screen, because I still use the same laptop, of course 🙂

How to fix it:

Straight to the point just Copy and paste the code below into your client.jnlp file at bottom.

<property name=”sun.java2d.dpiaware” value=”false”/>

I hope you enjoy this little TIP and I am always glad to have you here.. Next post I will dive into vRO business cases scenarios.

#See ya!

One thought on “vRO using 4K Display Video

  1. Brilliant solution. I should have find it earlier. About 1 year ago I dug up the entire Internet about it.
    Since then I use a smaller FullHD monitor instead 4k with vRO.


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